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The mind is a resonance of singularities, as belief , opinion and idea that is of a polarity. This separation/polarity, as thought, when all that is seen, is believed to be the ONLY state/stance/being-ness that exists and is given significance as what is real. Through breath, writing, and self forgiveness this resonance, that is a separation from the physical ability to conceptualize the whole, is distanced/ made smaller/realized as a part. Here, focus as the mind only is stopped/seen beyond/included with the whole/realized as a singularity. Thus the tool of the mind, as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind is one of separation, and can be used to reveal where the movement of self, as life, has separated self as life from an awareness of life as all as one as equal and one's physical self/environment.

Moving as a constant awareness of the whole, of this physical world is not something we humans have been, we have been moving as directed by a divider into singularities, as mind, as polarity "seeing" only resonant imprints of our own accepted/non resolved separations into idea, beliefs and opinion that dis-allow the awareness of the conceptual whole of reality in and as the physical world and how what is real, this physical world, functions.

Our physical bodies retain our separations as thought because a separation/polarity is of energy. As beings that are mostly water, we retain our separations/frictions until we re-member them to that which a is real/physical/absolute. Energy is the friction that ensues as one moves into being/accepting a polarity as expression instead of retaining whole conceptual ability as the physical/including the physical. Moving as all as one as equal is moving conceptualizing the whole - so to speak. Another way to say this is, moving in re-memberance of the physical self/physical world. This is then movement with the "sound" of this world as the physical as what is absolute.